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Post by Kiwi on Wed Jan 12, 2011 4:45 am

Well, I'm happy to announce that the Chocolate guild is finally up... I have had a few questions that I'd like to make clear here...

Here are the basic questions:

A:* Because having more members is a good thing... So I wanted to get the lower levels in that guild.

Q:* What will happen to the people in chocolate when they are higher level?
A:* That is still undecided... I am thinking of it this in 2 way... I want the current low lvl players to join Chocolate... As the Chocolate players level, Their guild won't be a low level guild anymore, they will be a standarized level guild... or The Chocolate Guild takes in the Lower Leveled members, and after reaching a certain level they migrate to Vanilla... It's one of these options... I'm still not very sure about this... I will discuss with elders about this.

Q:* Who will lead the guild Chocolate and who will lead Vanilla?
A:* Well, the leader for Chocolate is still undecided, I'm trying to find someone who I trust to lead that guild for me, so for now it's my Tank char... Will change soon... As of Vanilla, I will Lead that Guild as I am Currently.

Q:* Do we really need a second guild?
A:* Well, for Guilds to grow, they need to open doors for that to happen, and a secondary guild is a step there ^^.

Q:* What about our second characters?
A:* This is the question I really want to get cleared... All members with dual characters that would like to join the Vanilla/Chocolate guild... Will be affected in these ways...
If your main character is in the Vanilla... Then your secondary character will be asked to join the Chocolate guild. All current members that have dual characters in the Vanilla guild... They will be asked to do something about this... Will be cleared out on the 18th of January.

Q:*What about the Guild website?
A:* As of this website, I want to let you all know, the Chocolate guild will also be in this website, so if you see any random players you may not know, that is because they are in the Chocolate guild... Some things will change to show this is the chocolate guild as well... Thank you

Any Further questions... Please ask them on the link to the Right>>>>> I will answer the question as an edited post to this Topic... Thank you... (Sorry for any Spelling mistakes.)

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